Metromind provides cloud ecommerce and omnichannel solutions for retailers.

The Cloud Platform for ecommerce and omnichannel retailers.

Today’s retailers have to face rapid change and continuos innovation. It’s pretty hard to do that when you have to manage resources internally.

With Metromind working in the Cloud, you can focus on growing your business. The Cloud platform helps you access your business anytime, anywhere. Your customers are always connected, updates and upgrades are delivered instantly and your IT backbone is always up to date.

Sell online and offline

The ecommerce platform allows management of a virtual unlimited number of products, customers and sales.


By using a multichannel / multi-shop / multi-language approach Metromind allows large retailers to achieve regional and international expansion.

CRM / Loyalty Programs / Marketing

We believe in a customer centric-approach. Our CRM, Marketing and Loyalty programs applications work together for a seamless customer experience.

Native B2B / B2C support

Right off the shelf, you’ll be able to connect to your business partners, as well as the end-consumer. Everything is integrated so it will work just as you plan to.

Order Management

The order management is designed to work as a multi-channel sales platform, integrating online, offline, mobile apps and phone orders. Its unified conversion funnel approach, together with the multi-channel CRM, provides a powerful tool for retailers providing a 360 degrees customer service.

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Product management

The product management application helps develop merchandising programs and manage products based on display, prices and product structure.

An efficient search and filter system allows operators to reach intended products in a timely manner.

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

It’s a lot easier to build a competitive business online and offline when you don’t have to worry about IT infrastructure. We provide our application through a SaaS (Software as a Service) license. This means no more headaches with servers, deployment, updates and a bunch of other things that slow you down. The best thing: you pay exactly what you need.

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Main Benefits

  1. optimum experience across channels for your company and your customers
  2. reduced maintenance and development costs
  3. faster updates and upgrades
  4. scalable infrastructure
  5. extend our platform using in-house or external resources

Implement our product:

Retailers worldwide face an ongoing revolution. Customers empowered by mobile devices expect retail to happen around them and on every channel possible. At Metromind we develop technologies that help you connect all retail channels so you can provide a seamless service to customers.

We know that each business is unique so we’ve built our technologies with a modular approach to sales. We can easily adapt to your business model and your operational flows. To make that possible we’ve built a connected omnichannel platform with all the right tools.

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Your customers want the best treatment they can get. And they know they can get it. Mobile device usage, social media and a globalized market have made the fashion sales industry more competitive than ever.

Even though styles change every season, that is not the the biggest change happening in the fashion industry. Empowered customers are making decisions in the blink of an eye. They consume informations online, on their mobile and on social media.

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We know telcos have unique needs. In a market that is defined by its ever changing landscape, telecommunications companies need the right tools. Each telco is a very complex ecosystem that serves customers according to individual needs.

It takes a lot of effort to mix fixed, subscription and consumption based pricing. The same thing applies when selling wide assortment of changing phones and voice and data plans.

A product built for telcos has to allow a quick integration with suppliers, internal operations and distributors. Prices and product specs must change every hour, every day, throughout the year. Customers needs are addressed in the shortest time possible and efficiently.

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Customers are faced with increasing options and empowered by intelligent devices. However,  time has become a very scarce resource. Utility companies now need to provide customers with the best tools to monitor consumption, pay invoices in a timely manner and provide a tool where customer service can shine.

On the other hand, companies also need to reduce collection costs, understand big data and work with large number of customers within a personalized and friendly framework.

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